HuMa is a non-profit non-governmental organization whose work focuses on the issue of law reform in the natural resources sector. The concept of law reform proposed by HuMa emphasises the importance of recognition of indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ rights to natural resources and preservation of ecology. We believe that the law reform process must place indigenous peoples and local communities as its main actors. In accordance with our vision and mission, the idea and practice of law reform proposed by HuMa’s ultimate goal is to push for reform to legal systems and practices, to enable them to deliver justice to marginalised communities and to support ecological preservation with respect for the values of humanity and social-cultural diversity.

Our Values :

  • Human Rights;
  • Social Justice;
  • Cultural Diversity;
  • Ecological sustainability;
  • Respect for communities’ capabilities;
  • Collectivity.


Historically, HuMa was pioneered by individuals coming from highly diverse backgrounds (activists, academics and lawyers) who shared similar concerns with regards to legal thinking and practices in the natural resources sector. HuMa’s embrio was conceived as early as 1998 with the support of ELSAM and was officially established on October 19 2001 as a legal entity in the form of an Association. At present, HuMa has 25 members: Prof. Soetandyo Wignjosoebroto, MPA., Prof. DR. Ronald Z. Titahelu, SH., Myrna A. Safitri, SH., MH., Ph.D; Julia Kalmirah SH., Sandra Moniaga, SH., Ifdhal Kasim, SH., Andik Hardiyanto, SH., Martje L. Palijama, SH., Rikardo Simarmata, SH., Marina Rona, SH., Drs. Stepanus Masiun, Drs. Noer Fauzi, Edison R. Giay SH., Concordius Kanyan, SH., Prof. DR. I Nyoman Nurjaya, Herlambang Perdana, SH.MA., Rival Gulam Ahmad, SH.LLM., Dr. Kurnia Warman, SH.MH., Chalid Muhammad, SH., Asep Yunan Firdaus, SH., Susi Fauziah, AMD., Ir. Didin Suryadin, Ir. Andri Santosa, Dahniar Andriani, SH., dan Abdias Yas, SH.

Vision and Mission


An enlarged social movement aimed at pushing for law reform to create a legal system and practices that can deliver justice for marginalised communities and that is supportive of ecological preservation while respecting the values of humanity and social-cultural diversity.


  1. Pushing for the consolidation, capacity development and quantity increase of Community Law Facilitators (PHR) through the empowerment of our strategic partners.
  2. Conducting policy advocacy, campaigns and various models of legal training to counter the dominant discourse on law reform in the land and natural resources sectors.
  3. Making HuMa a centre of data, information and knowledge development based on empirical realities.
  4. Strengthening HuMa’s institution to become an influential, competent and independent organisation to support social movement and law reform.

Area of Works and Partners

  • West Sumatera, in partnership with Q-bar Association
  • West Java-Banten, in partnership with RMI (Rimbawan Muda Indonesia)
  • Central Java, in partnership with LBH Semarang
  • West Kalimantan, in partnership with LBBT (Lembaga Bela Banua Talino)
  • South Sulawesi, in partnership with Wallacea
  • Central Sulawesi, in partnership with Bantaya Association