1. Indonesia School of Community Law Facilitators (Sekolah PHR Indonesia), providing a systematic strategy of development and recruitment model of Community Law Facilitators (Pendamping Hukum Rakyat/PHR) aimed at increasing the quantity of Community Law Facilitators and their quality with regards to community organisation, facilitation of legal training, legal drafting, conflict resolution and policy advocacy.
  2. Community Initiative-Based Conflict Resolution, which aims to create a mechanism of conflict resolution for natural resources conflicts that is institutionalised and effective, supported by indigenous peoples and local communities.
  3. Data and Information Center, expected to be a centre for data, information and knowledge development based on empirical conditions, in the form of a database system, HuMaWin, accessible website, and other creative media in collaboration with our partners and other parties.
  4. Forestry and Climate Change
  5. Institutional Development, working to make HuMa a professional, competent, independent, and influential organisation with adequate capacity to support social movement and law reform.