“Iseh marusak dan membabat alas tuo kami, iko kakan kami lawan !!”

“Iseh marusak dan membabat alas tuo kami, iko kakan kami lawan !!”

Assen, Pemuda Adat Mului mengucapkan kalimat tersebut kepada Kasie Pengukuhan Hutan Adat, Ibu Sarmaida pada siang hari yang terik itu. Akhirnya kepastian yang ditunggu Orang Mului tiba. Menunggu sejak tahun 2018, masyarakat Mului sangat menantikan proses penetapan pengakuan terhadap hutan adat mereka. Berjalan setelah 1 tahun, kabar baik itu tiba. Awal Februari 2020, saya kembali … read more »

RI emissions targets lack transparency

Environmental activists have demanded the government revise a draft document on the country’s emissions targets before submitting it for a UN climate conference in Paris…

Indonesia arrests seven over haze crisis

JAKARTA: Indonesian police have detained seven people whose companies are allegedly connected with illegal agricultural fires that have cloaked Southeast Asia in haze, in rare arrests over the annual smog outbreaks…

Job Vacancy Finance Coordinator and Accounting Staff

HuMa Indonesia (HuMa) is a non-governmental non-profit that focuses its programs and activities on efforts to strengthen the rights of local communities/indigenous peoples over their natural resources through legal education, advocacy of policy change, documenting conflicts and the spread of information through the production of books, bulletins, website , CDs, and posters. HuMa currently working … read more »